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Sustain Our Greatest Assets Through an Increased Endowment 

ESD's trajectory is remarkable. Now is the time to fortify an endowment that reflects ESD's strength and ensures critical long-term support for our students, faculty, facilities, and programs. 

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Lower School



Unite Our Community on One Campus By Building a Lower School on Merrell Road

Many thanks to the hundreds of donors, volunteers, and professionals who are helping unite our community on one campus by building an innovative new Lower School on Merrell Road a reality. It is a giant step forward for ESD's future.

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18-19 The ESD Fund



Ignite Lives of Purpose Through the ESD Fund

Because of annual resources provided through The ESD Fund, ESD can fulfill its Mission to prepare young people for lives of intellectual discovery, integrity, and purpose.

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Together, We Will Impact Today and Tomorrow.

Stories of Impact and Gratitude

Four Fourth Graders Excitedly Tour New Facility

Walking through the build site at this stage inspires a whole new vision of what is to come. Just before the break, Tracey Shirey, Amy Cuccia, and I had an opportunity to show the new Lower School to four fourth graders. They were wowed. Immediately evident was the strong sense of the connectivity the new Lower School will offer and how every square inch of the physical space will facilitate the learning and teaching process. There are no "hallways" and the open spaces, even nooks under stairs, have been leveraged for an optimal educational experience for our youngest learners.

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Expressing Gratitude: A Vision Becoming a Reality

As we wind down this busy week, and in anticipation of the Thanksgiving holiday break, we would like to use this month's "Construction Corner" to express gratitude to the great number of people who have been instrumental in moving our new Lower School initiative from an inspired vision to reality.

Because of the tireless work over the last three years, we are in an enviable position: the Lower School is well on its way to the scheduled completion date of June 27, 2019. 

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Signed Beam Permanently Installed in New Lower School

The structural beam signed by many Lower School students, parents, faculty, and staff was installed on Saturday, October 27. The beam was signed on Friday, October 12. While it will not be visible once the building is complete, a small plaque will remind community members of its placement.

Third Graders Solve Real-World Questions About the New Lower School in the What If Lab

What if students could apply what they're learning in the classroom to something in the real world? Third graders are doing just that! In this study, students are using their math and map reading skills to calculate the space of their future fourth-grade classrooms.

Using blueprints of the new building, students are figuring out the square feet of the new rooms. This involves calculating and converting the scale of the blueprints to the actual dimensions. Students will later use this skill to figure the square feet of their current room. They will also consider the FFE, furniture, fixtures, and equipment, of the new Lower School.

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